Measuring Business Impact Due To Employee Collaboration

Employee collaboration is important in any company. Not only does it help foster a better employee culture at the company, but it can also impact the business in huge ways. Employee collaboration can help a company become even more successful … Continue Reading

Offline Video Access for employees

UStream is no more, IBM Cloud Video Alternative

UStream used to be the simple to use live streaming platform. Since it’s been acquired by IBM, we are presenting you a better alternative. Se how your employee experience measure up. CircleHD is Simple to use, uses the latest and … Continue Reading

How To Have An Effective Sales Onboarding Program

If you want to set up your new hires for success within your company, you’ll definitely want to implement a “pre-hire program” that’ll feature everything they’ll need to get off and running once working with your company. When you hire … Continue Reading

How To Avoid Duplication Or Redundant Efforts Within Enterprises

In order to streamline communication and avoid duplication or redundancy in an enterprise, employee collaboration is key. While many companies have done this by having weekly lunch and meetings, specialized knowledge sharing sessions or even create their own internal communication … Continue Reading

A Planner Checklist For Developing Online Educational Videos

Video is quickly becoming a preferred method of learning for those who take classes online. With eLearning, videos help students follow along with lessons and provides them visual instructions when trying to follow through with a lesson, making the subject … Continue Reading

Tips Wile Creating your Next Learning Video

5 Things To Consider Before Creating Your Next Learning Video

If you’ve been creating learning videos, you probably already have your entire process down to a science. But what if there were certain things you could do to improve your next learning video? Just because you’ve been creating videos for … Continue Reading

Alternatives to Kaltura, see what employees experience

I am a frequent writer on Quora. Recently someone asked me to answer about best alternative to Kaltura. You can also find some feedbacks about Kaltura in related posts. I’m using them but have been having trouble getting everything going; … Continue Reading

5 Tips For Recording Quality Video Using Your Smartphone

Who needs a video recorder these days when you have a smartphone? If you want to create quality smartphone videos, here are some useful tips that will result in great video each and every time! … Continue Reading

How Videos Can Increase Sales Conversion And Up-sells In A Sales Funnel

So how do you increase sales and upsells in your business’ sales funnel? … Continue Reading

Best Recording Software To Produce Quality Videos

Videos are important for training, marketing, sales and many other aspects of your business. In fact, they are the most engaging posts you can create on social media, which is why it’s encouraged that all businesses incorporate video into their … Continue Reading

Offline Video Access for employees

Benefits of Offline Video Access for Mobile Employees

Offline video access is important for employees on move like sales functions. It is very important to provide the access to your organization’s knowledge. Slow connectivity can worsen the experience, here is how to improve your mobile teams engagement. … Continue Reading

The Value Of Informal Training In An Enterprise

Employees are missing 75% of the required knowledge. Formal training only covers 25% of the training needed for an employees to be successful at job. Here is one thing you need to to make learning more effective and fun at workplace. … Continue Reading

Accessibility and Video Playback at enterprise

Accessibility is for everybody, not just for the people with a disability. But a large section of the population is disabled in some way; in the UK alone at least 11 million people – over 15% of population has some … Continue Reading

Open Source Video Platform Vs CircleHD Video Platform

Why should you rethink about choosing open source software … Continue Reading

Content Governance

How Content Governance helps Business Growth

Do you have a plan set in place when it comes to pushing out your content? The best Content Governance system allows for everyone in your business to be content curators. Here is our plan. … Continue Reading

Microsoft Stream vs CircleHD

Looking for an alternative to Microsoft Stream? CircleHD is video platform solely designed for enterprise learning needs, it fills all the gaps where stream falls short as an enterprise learning platform. … Continue Reading

Why CircleHD is not on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management?

Gartner published a report on Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Video Content Management which provides buyers with a guide to the decision. Here is why we are not on that list and that matters. … Continue Reading

Video Role Playing in Sales

Sales Training Using Video Role-Playing

Role-playing training – when done the right way – is one of the most effective methods of preparing your sales and marketing staff for any situation and any customer. … Continue Reading

Employee onboarding using Videos

Tips to Create Effective Onboarding Videos

Employee onboarding is one of the most important endeavors a company or corporation must regularly undertake. Companies that have a well-structured onboarding program have higher employee retention than those without. Furthermore, companies with effective onboarding programs have employees who are … Continue Reading

Video Platform for elearning

Choosing the Best Online Video Platform for eLearning

More and more enterprises have been integrating video as part of their mode of instruction. May it be recorded lectures, streaming of conferences, webinars, or student-generated content, video has proven time and again how effective it is in capturing information … Continue Reading