Accessibility and Video Playback at enterprise

Accessibility is for everybody, not just for the people with a disability. But a large section of the population is disabled in some way; in the UK alone at least 11 million people – over 15% of population has some … Continue Reading

Open Source Video Platform Vs CircleHD Video Platform

Many organizations use open source video software to help run its operations, but it’s not the only solution for organizations to share, upload, streams videos and more securely. CircleHD’s Video Cloud provides organizations unique tools that allow their workforce to … Continue Reading

How Content Governance Will Help With Business Growth

You already know that content is king in today’s social media-driven world, but do you have a plan set in place when it comes to pushing out your content? Creating a content plan will not only keep your readers interested … Continue Reading

Microsoft Stream vs CircleHD

Stream is general purpose SharePoint like video sharing platform from Microsoft, after Office 365 videos was abandoned. CircleHD is video platform solely designed for enterprise learning needs, it fills all the gaps where stream falls short as an enterprise learning … Continue Reading

Why CircleHD is not on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management?

Source: geekandpoke Gartner published a report on Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Video Content Management. That includes a list and comparison of  top 10 video management cloud providers. We often get asked whether it’s worth pursuing CircleHD since we are not … Continue Reading

Sales Training Using Video Role-Playing

“The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat.” This bit of military wisdom not only applies to actual war, but to business as well. In any endeavor, proper preparation and training are the keys to success. … Continue Reading

Tips to Create Effective Onboarding Videos

Employee onboarding is one of the most important endeavors a company or corporation must regularly undertake. Companies that have a well-structured onboarding program have higher employee retention than those without. Furthermore, companies with effective onboarding programs have employees who are … Continue Reading

Choosing the Best Online Video Platform for Education

More and more educational institutions have been integrating video as part of their mode of instruction. May it be recorded lectures, streaming of conferences, webinars, or student-generated content, video has proven time and again how effective it is in capturing … Continue Reading

Knowledge Sharing among Sales Reps Using Videos

Having extensive experience in sales, you must be familiar about how knowledge sharing opportunities among sales reps are not maximized. Most of the time, their competitive nature kicks in and makes them want to keep valuable sales information to themselves … Continue Reading

Utilizing Video Solutions to Capture, Preserve and Pass on Knowledge from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Subject matter experts (SMEs) are the hidden treasures and unsung heroes of any organization. Few things are as valuable as experience, and while age and “seniority” are not always the most accurate measure of proficiency or expertise, often the people … Continue Reading

Cloud VS On-Premise: Which is Better for Video Hosting?

The prevalence of the use of videos in many processes and methodologies in the education sector has prompted the debate on which platform is best to use for video hosting. The traditional in-house deployment referred to as On-Premises is being … Continue Reading

Employee Onboarding with Video Solutions

Effective onboarding can be a tedious process. Trainers, team leaders and managers have more responsibilities than “babysitting the new guy”, and company executives often have little time to give motivational speeches several times a month to a war-weary staff. Without … Continue Reading

Using Video Solutions Effectively for Knowledge Transfer

Video solutions are increasingly becoming the preferred tool for most present-day communications needs. From corporate onboarding primers to real-time video conferences and even to continuing education modules, videos are proving to be the most cost-effective way to communicate, share ideas, … Continue Reading

Increase Employee Engagement with an Enterprise Video Platform

Having engaged employees is good for a company. You may know this in general but do you know exactly how employee engagement impacts your business? For instance, did you know that disengaged employees cost their organizations $450 to $550 billion … Continue Reading

Medical Education Videos: Advancing the Healthcare Industry

Medical professions require continuous learning. In order to ensure efficient transfer of knowledge, learning tools need to adapt to the hectic, fast-paced environment in healthcare facilities. Medical education videos provide an effective solution since information is absorbed faster than text … Continue Reading

Video Banking Solutions: Transforming Financial Services

Enterprises at the global level are gearing up their business strategies to ride the digitization wave. Financial institutions are no different with banks increasing their social media presence and streamlining their process through virtual platforms. One such innovation is incorporating … Continue Reading

Sales Enablement: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Increasing sales productivity can be tough. In scenarios when quotas are not hit and customer retention is low, where do you start to troubleshoot? One good question to ask is “How enabled is your Sales Team?” 72% of the top-performing … Continue Reading

MOOCs and LMS: Tools for Democratizing Learning in the Workplace

Your employees are valuable assets to your business. More than the services they provide on a daily basis, your pool of manpower is a repository of invaluable knowledge that is key to propel your levels of productivity and growth. Lessons … Continue Reading

Busting Myths about Video Learning

Busting Myths about Video Learning Many people turn to videos when trying to learn something new or acquire a new skill. In Youtube alone, 1 million learning-related videos are uploaded and accessed 500 million times every day. Many enterprises have … Continue Reading

How MOOCs Benefit Enterprises

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) has revolutionized online learning by allowing unlimited number of students full access to course content on demand, regardless of their background and location. A MOOC is an interactive platform that encourages collaboration and connectivity among … Continue Reading