CircleHD usages Artificial Intelligence to provide Netflix like recommendation to discover knowledge of interest that helps employees get successful in their role.

Employee Video/Slide Sharing

Corporate Youtube/SlideShare for internal use. Replace boring text based articles with short and engaging video based tutorials. Check out the platform.

Recording Studio

Google Chrome Plug-in to Record Webcam, Desktop or Picture in Picture style for quick tutorials and knowledge capture. Install from Chrome Store..


Create a series of videos and Slides that needs to be shared together. Each Playlist can be used for lessons and short tutorials. Learn more..

Certification and Quizzing

Certify employees with quick knowledge check using interactive quizzing.


Learning paths are curated series that helps employees navigate seamlessly from one lesson to the another. Put exisiting courses in play and train your team with your own knowledge.


Engage employees further with a challenge, reward and recognition


Deliver continous training. Learn more..

UI Customization

With your own branding, provide the best enterprise experience to your employees

Mobile App (Custom/MDM)

Learning on the Go. Employees can capture and share video with peers all from the phone.


Security is feature #1 at CircleHD. Users are authenticated Single Sign On, Active Directory, Okta with Multi factor authentication built -right in

Fine grained authorization

Fine grained authorization for granular control over who can the content. You can control by department, job title and pretty much any employee fields.

HRIS integration

Managing users can be a hassle. And even asking every user to set up a secure password is complicated. CircleHD supports Single Sign on and Multi factor authentication. With SCIM integration user provisioning and management becomes even easier.

IP/Domain Restriction

Firewall to ensure your content never leaves your premises. Cloud software with inhouse protection.


  • With SharePoint, Wiki, CMS, LMS
  • Slack


Detailed Analytics of who sees what, when and how.

Full text search/transcription

All videos are transcrpted for reading pleasure and search.

Explore CircleHD features. Need an in-person demo? just ask us