Video Training for Your Sales Team

Training, Coaching, and Enablement

Transform your sales team and process with instructor-led courses, gamified micro-learning modules, and relevant enablement content that help SDRs reach their full potential.

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Built for Remote Teams

With a centralized and secure video library, your sales team can quickly access, stream, and share content from any device. Perfect for traveling team members.

Measure with Analytics

Use full-featured analytics to measure the effectiveness of your sales training and enablement content. Measure completion rates, quiz scores, user engagement, and more.

Align Messaging and Tactics

Establish consistent messaging and strategies by providing content that aligns with your sales process and expertly crafted training that ensures SDRs apply tactics.

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It's Time to Ditch That Clunky Shared Drive

Speed, accuracy, and agility are key ingredients to sales success.

But when your team is stuck using multiple siloed tools, searching through a shared drive for content, or dealing with legacy software, it slows down your team’s performance and limits their ability to be successful.

With CircleHD’s Sales Training and Enablement Video Platform, you can give your sales reps the competitive edge to close deals more quickly.

Coaching and sales team collaboration just got better with CircleHD’s sales enablement solutions. Use our platform to share pep talks, win stories, sales updates, tips, and more throughout your organization and watch engagement go through the roof. You can also enable the leaderboard functionality to motivate your team.

AI-Powered Search

Create content in the CircleHD platform, or upload external videos from your phone, meeting recordings, or other sources.

Record or Upload Content

Create content in the CircleHD platform, or upload external videos from your phone, meeting recordings, or other sources.

Easy Course Creation

Develop thoughtful, engaging courses and playlists in minutes. Assemble content from different sources into a cohesive course or playlist and guide your team to success.

Test Knowledge with Quizzes

Watching content is one thing. Understanding how to use it during sales calls is entirely different. Test your team’s knowledge with quizzes that measure understanding and adoption of the material.

Mobile-Ready Access

Any place, any time, any device. Your team can access content with their mobile devices, enabling them to stay up-to-date and informed on the go.

Integrate with Your CRM

Whether you use Salesforce, HubSpot, or another sales tool, CircleHD integrates seamlessly into your existing tech stack to create a cohesive learning experience.


Finally, Sales Leaders Can Lead

When we talk with sales leaders at enterprise companies, they all have a similar story. Finding the time to reach out to each of their reps is nearly impossible.

With the constant deluge of emails, phone calls, and meetings (that could have been an email), sales leaders are stuck in a never-ending cycle of busy work.

But with the CircleHD Sales Training and Enablement Video Platform, sales leaders can finally find the time to lead their teams. By leveraging video training, coaching, and enablement content, sales leaders can mentor their team from afar and help them become better sales reps faster.

Here are some ways sales leaders can use CircleHD’s video platform:

  • Daily pep talks or virtual stand-ups
  • Monthly recaps and assessments
  • Quarterly kick-offs and goal setting
  • Onboarding training for new employees
  • Product launch video demos
  • Troubleshooting sessions for customer success

Deeper Engagement with Enterprise Podcasting

Sales leaders know you need to meet your clients where they are.

And the same holds for when you’re developing learning and training materials for your sales team.

That’s why we’ve developed our Enterprise Podcasting Platform, to give your experts more options for consuming relevant content when they want it most.

Our podcasting platform allows you to easily record, produce, and distribute podcasts through the same intuitive tools that power our video platforms.

And with our AI-driven transcription feature, you can add transcriptions of your audio recordings and video content to build a more robust library of materials.

Podcasting is the perfect way to bridge the gap between leadership and sales teams, creating a familiarity and connection that inspires your team to learn more and do their best work.

better sales enablement with a sales content management solution
podcasting for sales enablement is simple with CircleHD

Business-Grade SLA with 24/7 Service

Backed by our 99.99% availability guarantee you can rest-assured your employees can access content anytime they need it without any disruption to your business.

Privacy Matters

Even though employees have access to content, it stays hosted within the CircleHD app and portal environment. This functionality helps your company avoid BYOD security situations, such as former staff retaining access to company content past their tenure.

Highly Secure

CircleHD hosts your podcasts in the Amazon cloud, a SOC-1 security facility, so you can be assured that the content will be stored and served securely in the cloud only to whom you permit with AES 256-bit encryption.

Single Sign On

We have a native integration available for most secure enterprise needs. Only your employees can access your internal podcasts when logged in via Single Sign-On, Active Directory, or through SAML IAMs such as Okta, Ping Identity, or OneLogin.

Access Control

CircleHD allows you to restrict your content to certain groups. You can also use active directory groups and HRIS attributes, such as department and cost center names, to limit access to a specific audience.

SCIM Provisioning

Easily provision and deprovision users from HRIS systems


Developer SDK provides secured APIs for enterprise integration within SalesForce and other systems. We are among the top companies to adopt GraphQL and moving the integration forward.

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