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AI Powered Video Learning Platform

CircleHD Video platform is one of the initial adopters of Generative AI within Video, its AI interactive and indexing tool uses generative language models to index and discover content effectively and quickly. Lets walk through some powerful AI features that work with Video or any Media content within CircleHD.

Learning and Development with Video

One video platform, limitless potential

Creating video content nowadays is easy. Smartphones, webcams, and tablets make capturing almost anything within seconds possible. But keeping that content secure, organized, and up-to-date is a completely different story.

CircleHD is an all-in-one video learning, creation and management platform built for enterprise teams. With one simple interface, you have all the tools you need to go from concept to distribution at your fingertips. By centralizing your video content in a secure access point, you can better control messaging, eliminate informational gaps, and keep teams on the same page. Streamline processes, create engaging content, and foster a culture of open communication with CircleHD.

Create Courses and Engaging Training Modules in minutes, Not Months

A Learning Experience Platform that Produces Results

Informal learning and development are about growth, but it’s hard to improve if your teams can’t find the content they need. Easily upload videos, documents, podcasts, and slide presentations, and create training courses and playlists instantly for every job function.

  • Build courses and playlists
  • Test knowledge with quizzes and gamification
  • Measure engagement with analytics

Build courses and playlists, create micro-learning experiences with bite-sized videos, and track employee progress with our powerful analytics. Plus, with an intuitive search feature powered by AI, users can quickly find the exact content they need to stay on top of their training.

Sales Leaders Can Share Their Expertise

For today's sales reps and leaders, speed is key.

And with most teams working remotely, companies need a way to train SDRs and encourage self-paced learning consistently. Traditionally, this meant scheduling meetings, workshops, and endless follow-up emails.

Leaders can develop training courses for their staff in minutes. With supplementary materials, gamification, and a "playlist" feature for easy access to the most relevant content, reps can easily learn new skills and stay ahead of the toughest objections with product updates. Plus, with visibility into performance metrics like view time, quiz scores, and completion status, managers can quickly identify which topics need further review. No more wasted time. Train your sales team with CircleHD's powerful video platform.

A Secure Central Hub for All of Your Company's Video Content

Trying to manage video content across teams, departments, and regions?

For employees, finding the right content can be even more difficult, with assets scattered across complicated folder systems, shared drives, and cloud storage.

CircleHD provides enterprise companies with a secure, centralized content library that allows users to easily record, upload, manage, share, stream, and track video content from any device.

From employee onboarding to sales enablement and customer training, our intuitive CMS allows you to easily organize, access, and share all of your video assets with the right users.

Ready to take control of your company's video content?

Corporate Communications that Work

Do your employees read the emails you send them?

The truth is, most corporate communications don't make it past the inbox. If you're still sending text-based emails for crucial updates and announcements, you might be caught in the neverending snooze cycle of employee inboxes.

But with CircleHD's AI-powered video platform, you can produce relevant and engaging content that effectively communicates crucial messaging to your staff.

From new product launches to safety protocols and company updates, video helps you keep your employees in the loop. By delivering the right content, to the right teams, at the right time, you can ensure your employees are informed and prepared to do their best work.

Corporate Communications

Share More, Learn More with CircleHD

What our users say about the platform

“Since we’ve had CircleHD, we have been able to share great video content, and more than that, we can provide a secure, mobile, and enterprise-class experience”

– Jody Wilkins, SAP Concur

“CircleHD is our Enterprise Youtube, appropriately called “OktaTV.” When we bought them and had additional requirements, they worked with us to get what we needed.”

– Enablement Platforms Manager, Okta

“CircleHD provides a unique secure enterprise video sharing, and now streaming, service that is the best on the market for our needs. The platform has been rock solid.”

-Liang Gang Y., Principle Architect III

Empowering your teams with the right content has never been easier.

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