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  • Secure

    Your content is secure and only accessible to your employess. Business-grade controls, easy setup.

  • Mobile

    Whether at work or on the go, learning never stops. Employees can access company videos and other company content anytime, anywhere.

  • Analytic

    Understand employee usage of your videos and other content. Get recommendations on what content works and what content doesn't work.

Case Study: Concur, A SAP Company

Concur increased it's employee engagement using CircleHD
Jody Wilkins, Concur
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Live streaming and Video on demand, together

Stream events live and make them available for on demand viewing on the same url using a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile device.

Everyone in your company can participate in a town hall business meeting or in a brown bag session, either live or after the fact.

Enterprise Live Streaming
Enterprise Video on demand

Share any video of any format

Whether you have a Mac, PC or on mobile, CircleHD will make sure the video plays consistently across platforms

Enterprise LMS Playlist

Active participation in employee training sessions

Increase and improve employee know-how through readily accessible customized content.

Cookie-cutter training sessions are ineffective. Everyone needs customized content that's easy and convenient to access. Create a specific learning plan for your team members that they can readily access through CircleHD.

Like YouTube for enterprise

After signing up, you'll get your very own portal to which you can invite team members. Each team member will have his or her own account using an email and a password or he or she can use the business's single sign-on.

Best for employee onboarding, executive townhall, brownbags, internal trainings and corporate communication.

Start with a 30 days free trial. Credit card not required.
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