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  • Employee Training & Onboarding

    Onboarding is the process by which new hires get adjusted to the social and performance aspects of their jobs quickly and smoothly, and learn the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to function effectively within an organization.

    Lms systems are the key to the future for increased productivity regardless the nature of the business or the number of employees. Since September of 2015, Circle HD offers a wide range of video streaming with the latest in education technology with the launching of private beta to selected customers. Where video streaming has been a consistent problem in the past, Circle HD’s SaaS unique secure platform comes highly recommended for hosting and the presentation of videos within any company. In collaboration with internal communication, eLearning and accelerated workforce performance and productivity, Circle HD offers viable solutions to any business needs.

  • Executive Communication

    Effective executive communications are essential to enhancing company culture. Your executives are the face of your organization. Every aspect of their communication, from the way they reach out to the audience to the tone with which they deliver their message, says something about who they are and what the company stands for..

Amazing businesses sharing videos for Corporate Communication and eLearning.

Amazing Businesses
  • Secure

    Your content is secure and only accessible to your employess. Business-grade controls, easy setup.

  • Mobile

    Whether at work or on the go, learning never stops. Employees can access company videos and other company content anytime, anywhere.

  • Analytic

    Understand employee usage of your videos and other content. Get recommendations on what content works and what content doesn't work.

Case Study: Concur, A SAP Company

Concur increased it's employee engagement using CircleHD
Jody Wilkins, Concur
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Enterprise Video on demand

Drag and drop any Video, Slides and PDF

Whether you have a Mac, PC or on mobile, CircleHD will make sure the content is viewed consistently across platforms

Embed anywhere

Whether you use Attlasian Confluence or Microsoft SharePoint, content from CircleHD can be embeded without any code.

Everyone in your company can participate in a town hall, business meeting or in a brown bag session, either live or after the fact.

Lms systems of CircleHD are only the beginning of new technological discoveries founded by the software team of CircleHD. With decades of experience building numerous learner software programs, CircleHD developers continue to advance and progress beyond any such competitors levels, surpassing all expectations previously set. Regardless of the clients’ needs, CircleHD has learner management software programs available, capable of handling all requirements with expert precision.

Enterprise Live Streaming
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CircleHD-Taking Video to the Next Level

Increase and improve employee know-how through readily accessible customized content.

Cookie-cutter training sessions are ineffective. Everyone needs customized content that's easy and convenient to access. Create a specific learning plan for your team members that they can readily access through CircleHD.

Lms systems are often presented in cookie-cutter format resulting in training sessions that are less productive to attendees and often confusing. With learner management software from CircleHD, every employee in a company can be involved in a town hall group setting accessing videos and pertinent company content, anytime, anywhere. Serving over 200 large companies with over 100,000 employees, CircleHD learner management system in conjunction with learner management software will increase employee production up to 80%.

YouTube for Enterprise

Lms systems of CircleHD continue to draw the attention of all businesses looking for a solution to the increase in productivity. With larger scaled companies, the addition of CircleHD learner management and learner management software programs will continue to bring about changes within the company and the resilience of current and new employees for many years to come.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Secure, Reliable, Scalable, and High-Performance, Zero overhead

Best performace
Hosted on mutlple datacenters
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99% uptime
Hosted by Amazon
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Best for employee onboarding, executive townhall, brownbags, internal trainings and corporate communication.

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