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Billed annually

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Channels allows organize and delivery of videos effectively. Channels provide security which can be restricted to users or custom roles as needed.
Video Sharing
Easily upload and share of video with your team for training and Knowledge sharing.
Slide Sharing
Users can add slideshows, power points as standalone media or part of a lesson / playlist.
Integrated Recording
Users can record webcam or desktop screen and share easily.
Full text Search
Search is a core feature of DAM and Learning Solution. It indexes not only meta data but also media binary, and can be deep linked into media based on search keywords once video transcription is enabled.
It enables user to create sequence of medias that can be shared internally or externally in a secured way.
Android and iOS App allows users on the move to experience portal on smart devices.
Slack Integration
Send automatic notification to users with in Slack
Automatic Video Transcription
While uploading a video file, it can be transcribed for smart search options.
Secure Podcasting
Allows recording audio, and uploading media to be converted as audio files. Files can be secured by adding them to secured channels.
A playlist (sequential grouping of like content) can be shared externally through a secured token, which a secured user can create and share with external customers or partners.
Video Embedding
Embed Videos on external systems for Marketing and Sales
This page is mostly used by Admins or Managers to track performance and usage of media and content within the DAM.
Rich analytics reports with tons of filter options such as custom dates, media, channels, groups, etc. This data is used to provide intelligent reports and recommendations for enhancing productivity and learning.
Reporting Customization
Custom reports can be created by users with filter options around dates, video, channels, users, groups, etc. Reports can be exported to excel format for offline viewing and sharing.
Custom Meta data
Users can create custom metadata that can be used as tags against each uploaded media. Custom metadata can be used for advanced search options within DAM.
Developer SDK provides secured APIs for enterprise integration within SalesForce or other systems.
Offline Access
Users have an option of enabling offline access to media, content on Mobile App.
Enterprise Integrations
CircleHD has Salesforce integration to access media, content to view it without having the need to log into Circlehd portal.
Supports various SSO integrations.
Supports using existing SSO such as ActiveDirectory, Okta, etc. to login to CircleHD Portal.
SCIM Provisioning
Easily provision and de-provision users from HRIS Systems
Storage* 500GB 4TB Unlimited
Additional storage is charged 0.4 USD per GB per month
Bandwidth* 100GB/month 1TB/month Unlimited
Additional storage is charged 0.4 USD per GB per month
Support Email Email 24/7 support, Response time within 4 hours
Uptime SLA 99.9% 99.99% 99.999%
Minimum #of seats 10 100 1000
Compliance management
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Add-ons, available to early adopters

Digital Asset Manager (DAM)

All uploaded media can be managed with a user friendly simply Admin interface, and also tracked for their usage, statistics allowing end user to make smart decisions.


Engage customers via video, Medias, thus enabling Sales and Marketing teams to create pitch videos, share them securely with Customers, and track usage statistics.


Create Lessons, Tracks and assign to employees for Training / Coaching, Certification, Knowledge Sharing in a secured way.


Create Lessons, Tracks and assign to External Partners to train / coach them securely.

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Here are some frequently asked questions related to pricing

Are there any volume discounts?

Yes, volume discounting is available. Please contact sales to know more.

How can I purchase CircleHD product?
You can submit a request to sales
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Are there any overage fees?

Yes, additional bandwidth and storage is charged 0.4 USD per GB per month