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Video CMS Features Designed for Business

Centralized Content Library

Keep all your media in one place and easily find any video across multiple devices.

Customizable Interfaces

Tailor the look and feel of your video player to match the branding of your business.

Record, Upload, Stream

Record, upload, and stream video with ease. Our powerful tools make it simple to create.

AI-powered Search

Leverage AI to quickly pinpoint the necessary videos while browsing your library.

Video, Audio, Text

Upload videos, audio podcasts and .PDFs to create rich media experiences for your users.

Secure Access Control

Enable easy and secure collaboration with permission-based access, SSO and 2FA.

Reports & Insights

Monitor user interaction with analytics to gauge engagement and effectiveness of content.

On-the-go Mobile Access

Streamline video content delivery to mobile devices with our intuitive app.

A Secure Central Hub for All of Your Company's Video Content

Trying to manage video content across teams, departments, and regions?

It's not easy.

And for employees, finding the right content can be even more difficult, with assets scattered across complicated folder systems, shared drives, and cloud storage.

CircleHD provides enterprise companies with a secure, centralized content library that allows users to easily record, upload, manage, share, stream, and track video content from any device.

From employee onboarding to sales enablement and customer training, our intuitive CMS allows you to easily organize, access, and share all of your video assets with the right users.

Ready to take control of your company's video content?

Corporate Communications that Work

Do your employees read the emails you send them?

The truth is, most corporate communications don't make it past the inbox. If you're still sending text-based emails for crucial updates and announcements, you might be caught in the neverending snooze cycle of employee inboxes.

But with CircleHD's AI-powered video platform, you can produce relevant and engaging content that effectively communicates crucial messaging to your staff.

From new product launches to safety protocols and company updates, video helps you keep your employees in the loop. By delivering the right content, to the right teams, at the right time, you can ensure your employees are informed and prepared to do their best work.

HR Messaging that Doesn't Suck

What if HR communications were actually fun?

We're not talking about awkward icebreakers or text animations on slides.

One of the toughest parts of HR communication is getting employees actually to pay attention—and that's where video comes in.

CircleHD helps you easily create and share clear, concise, and engaging HR videos that quickly convey your message to your staff.

Plus, with access to metrics, managers can stay on top of how their messaging is being received. You'll know who has watched what and how long they've watched it.

Keep your team compliant, informed, and engaged with CircleHD's video tools.

Sales Leaders Can Share Their Expertise

For today's sales reps and leaders, speed is key.

And with most teams working remotely, companies need a way to train SDRs and encourage self-paced learning consistently. Traditionally, this meant scheduling meetings, workshops, and endless follow-up emails.

Leaders can develop training courses for their staff in minutes. With supplementary materials, gamification, and a "playlist" feature for easy access to the most relevant content, reps can easily learn new skills and stay ahead of the toughest objections with product updates.

Plus, with visibility into performance metrics like view time, quiz scores, and completion status, managers can quickly identify which topics need further review.

No more wasted time. Train your sales team with CircleHD's powerful video platform.

Learning and Development with Video

Learning and development are critical for any company, but keeping track of training, onboarding, and instructional videos across departments can be difficult.

By centralizing video content on the CircleHD Learning Management Platform, L&D has never been easier.

Build full courses, create micro-learning experiences with bite-sized videos, and track employee progress with our powerful analytics.

Plus, with an intuitive search feature powered by AI, users can quickly find the exact content they need to stay on top of their training.

Ready to take your corporate learning initiatives to the next level?

CircleHD Integrates With More Than 200 Best-In-Class Programs

Video is important for any comms strategy, but it's especially helpful during times of crisis. Watch our on-demand webinar and learn how to effectively incorporate this medium into your business continuity plan.

better sales enablement with a sales content management solution
podcasting for sales enablement is simple with CircleHD

Business-Grade SLA with 24/7 Service

Backed by our 99.99% availability guarantee you can rest-assured your employees can access content anytime they need it without any disruption to your business.

Privacy Matters

Even though employees have access to content, it stays hosted within the CircleHD app and portal environment. This functionality helps your company avoid BYOD security situations, such as former staff retaining access to company content past their tenure.

Highly Secure

CircleHD hosts your content in the Amazon cloud, a SOC-1 security facility, so you can be assured that the content will be stored and served securely in the cloud only to whom you permit with AES 256-bit encryption.

Single Sign On

We have a native integration available for most secure enterprise needs. Only your employees can access your internal content when logged in via Single Sign-On, Active Directory, or through SAML IAMs such as Okta, Ping Identity, or OneLogin.

Access Control

CircleHD allows you to restrict your content to certain groups. You can also use active directory groups and HRIS attributes, such as department and cost center names, to limit access to a specific audience.

SCIM Provisioning

Easily provision and deprovision users from HRIS systems.


Developer SDK provides secured APIs for enterprise integration within SalesForce and other systems. We are among the top companies to adopt GraphQL and moving the integration forward.

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