From easy video and podcast creation to powerful analytics, CircleHD’s Learning Experience Platform has all the nuts and bolts your enterprise needs to engage your team, no matter their function or where they are.

Content Creation

Native Recording for Video

There are many ways to record video directly in CircleHD: Film yourself or a meeting using a webcam; record your entire computer screen, or record a single browser tab. No additional installation of software or hardware needed. Each recording is automatically logged in the platform for easy access and sharing.

Built-In Podcast Tools

Gone are the days of needing a complicated setup and expensive software to produce high-quality podcast content. CircleHD’s built-in web recorder allows you to create episodes directly from your browser. No additional installation necessary.

Set Up Custom Branding

Your branding is unique to your enterprise: Every color and image says something about your organization, it’s values and it’s history. With CircleHD, you’re able to add your logo and customize the look of your interface so the platform becomes integral part of the company.

External File Support

Does your team already have a library of video content you want to use? Simply upload it using CircleHD’s easy to use YouTube-like interface and begin managing it more efficiently than you ever thought possible. 

Support for Multiple Formats

Whether you’re uplading audio, video, text, slides or other documentation, we support just about every major file type out there.

Self-Host Your Content

Stop worrying about what ads or suggested content will appear alongside your company’s videos or podcasts. CircleHD offers ad-free hosting with quick load times for high-quality media, including support for 4K content.

Content Management


Organize your content into groups with our channels feature.  Each channel has security controls which allow you to limit access to specific users or groups. 


Our playlist features give you even more control over who is able to access your content. Share playlists with partners or customers who are outside of your organization or deliver content as part of a training sequence. 

Flexible Sharing

Curate your content in a central hub that can be secured for internal use or set custom access controls which allow you to share and embed files across the web. 


Our high-performing iOS and Android mobile apps allow employees to access enterprise podcast content on-demand, from any location–including offline.

Content Optimization


Users can create custom metadata that can be used as tags against each uploaded media. Custom metadata can also be used for advanced search options.

Closed-Captioned Video

Save yourself time and make closed captioning a cinch. Each video created can be automatically transcribed to enable advanced search functionality. You can upload multiple captions in more than one language.


Gone are the days when you need to spend time and money transcribing content. Whether you’re using our video or podcasting solution, enabling transcriptions unlocks our advanced search functionality. This will allow your team to search content by metadata, tags, phrases and keywords–no matter if they’re written or spoken. 

AI-Powered Search

Not only does our search engine index metadata and media binary, but you can also search where certain words and phrases occur in your video library using CircleHD’s intelligent speech to text search. 

Create Tests and Quizzes

65 percent of information is forgotten just seven days after it’s communicated. After six months, that number jumps to 90 percent CircleHD allows you to increase knowledge retention by pairing your content with create multiple-choice quizzes.

Generate Completion Certificates

Reward your team members for their new skills by generating completion certificates. 


CircleHD allows you to active a leaderboard function where employee activity can be logged and top contributors can be seen.

Content Analytics


Measure your audience with CircleHD’s powerful analytics feature. Our built-in employee segmentation and KPI tools allow you to make effective data-driven decisions for your organization’s growth.

Generate Custom Reports

Create customized reports based on data points like channels, date range, users, and uploaded media. 

Security & Governance

Channel-Level Permissions

Control who can upload and who can access content from individual channels.

User Management

Allows admins to control access and easily on-board/off-board users to the site.

Permission Control

Give users access only to the features and information they need. 


Every change is logged and audited, to providing you a trail and peace of mind when things change.

IP Restriction

Restrict or give access to  your portal based on IP. 

Download Control

Control what content is available for download and which must stay within the portal environment. 

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security that not only requires a username and password, but also a secondary piece of evidence that the user is who they say they are.


Our new integrations with SAML providers OneLogin, Auth0, and Okta are the best way to deliver seamless, auditable, and secure identity management for all your CircleHD users.

SCIM For User Profile Control

CircleHD supports SCIM protocols that reduce the cost and complexity of user management through a standardized service.


Control which domains are allowed to embed content from your CircleHD portal.

No IE or Flash Vulnerabilities

We only support modern browsers IE 11 and up to deliver flash free HTML5 videos. That mean we don’t have to create an endless web of patchwork to support ancient browsers that aren’t supported by vendors.


CircleHD’s portal is only accessible over SSL. Any unsecured HTTP requests are redirected to a secure URL. Starting Feb 1, 2018, only TLS 1.2 or newer encryption protocol will be supported. 

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