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CircleHD Announces Migration Program for Customers Affected by Azure Media Services Retirement


San Mateo, CA. July 05th 2023

CircleHD Inc., a leading provider of enterprise video content management and learning solutions, is pleased to announce its migration program for customers who have been affected by the retirement of Azure Media Services (AMS). 

Microsoft recently announced that Azure Media Services will be retired and will no longer be available after June 30, 2024. This retirement news has prompted organizations across various industries to seek alternative solutions for their video content management and distribution needs. Understanding the urgency and importance of this transition, CircleHD has come forward with a comprehensive migration program to ensure a seamless transition from AMS to CircleHD.

Azure Media Services Retirement

CircleHD offers a robust and scalable video content management platform designed specifically for enterprises. With CircleHD, organizations can securely store, manage, and distribute their video content with ease. The platform offers a wide range of features including video streaming, on-demand content, interactive quizzes, comprehensive analytics, and integration with popular collaboration tools.

As part of the migration program, CircleHD will provide dedicated support to customers affected by the retirement of Azure Media Services. The program includes a thorough assessment of existing video content and requirements, a seamless migration process, training and onboarding sessions, and ongoing support to help customers make a smooth transition to the CircleHD platform.

“We understand the challenges and concerns that organizations face when transitioning from one platform to another. Our migration program has been specially designed to alleviate these concerns and ensure a seamless transition,” said Santosh Sahoo, Co-founder at CircleHD. 

“With CircleHD, customers can not only continue managing their video content effectively but also enhance their video distribution capabilities and improve employee training and collaboration.”

To learn more about CircleHD’s migration program for customers affected by the retirement of Azure Media Services, please visit

About CircleHD

CircleHD is a leading provider of enterprise video content management and distribution solutions. The platform enables organizations to securely store, manage, and distribute video content for training, collaboration, and corporate communications. With CircleHD, companies can efficiently create, share, and track video content to improve employee engagement and knowledge retention.