The core of video is to communicate information, be tracked, and save time. CircleHD flexes to all major workflows so every employee can connect video to any situation faster.

Employee Generated Video

Every employee at anytime can capture video direct from a computer or phone, record, upload, publish to a channel, and even post external faster than it takes to capture live. EGV allows your best influencers to rise to the top.


Sales Enablement

Personalize and sell high-value accounts with video. Use video to recap business opportunities and stream to a branded microsite environment.

Make worthy content easy to share by the new enterprise buyer, a group. There are stakeholders hidden from the sale. With video you can save time and win trust by exceeding buyer expectations at every interaction.

Solutions - Sales Enablement

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  • Make a Playlist
  • Reduce ramp up time for sales representatives
  • Increase carry capacity
  • Increase deal velocity
  • Increase product knowledge


Learn and Train

Any employee can post a lesson, assign the video to a group or individual, and track progress.

Train the trainer. Learn in the same company TV app you go for all internal video.

Make it easy to binge learn.

Employees level-up faster. One secure corporate video community for all employee generated video.


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No matter the use-case, CircleHD’s product strategy is to eliminate friction in all major employee video flows. Secure without compromise.