Enterprise Video Platform for Sales Enablement

72% of the top-performing companies who have exceeded their revenue targets have a solid sales enablement system in place. These companies recognize the crucial role that their front-line salespeople play in driving sales productivity and have invested in video that help them with their job.


Deliver short video clips to increase retention and ramp time for new employees.

Train the trainer

notify your team when a new training video is posted, and assign an action to be completed. Review video submissions, grade it, and then mark for followup.


voice remains the dominant communication medium. Hit play and binge learn effortless.

External video Plyalists

post video outside, full control. Point, click, post, edit. That fast. Mange and sell product with video.

Employee Generated

any user can make video. Devices ubiquitous. The age of click and capture anytime, anywhere.

Sales analytics

track completion, proficiency, tied to outcomes.


SF, Slack, SSO, let us know!

Best of All

you get a flexible and secure video platform every single employee in your company can use too.

Effective communication is the key to success for every sales and marketing initiatives. With the CircleHD's Collaborative Video Platform, new product launch videos get the message out faster and more effectively, sales managers can communicate more intimately with their teams, and remote employees can access videos of meetings and stay involved regardless of location.

What Customers Say About Us

Before we had CircleHD, employees in different business units were uploading their videos wherever. Other soltutions weren't providing very good end user exprience. Since we have CircleHD we are able to share great video content and more than that we can provide secure, mobile and enterprise class experiece our global mobile employees have come to expect.

‐ Jody Wilkins, SAP Concur

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