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Powering the Enterprise Team Experience

CircleHD enables teams to save time, collaborate better and seamlessly communicate information across your organization without compromising security

communication at circlehd

Drive better corporate communication with CircleHD: Reinforce corporate messaging, compliance initiatives, business objectives and more with engaging videos and podcast content in the user’s native language; Empower every member of your team to create content directly from their phone or computer.

train sales teams with circlehd

Cut down on repetitive training sessions and increase knowledge retention. Easily create and curate everything from onboarding sessions and role-playing situations to web conference presentation strategies, tactics and beyond. Gamification and analytics give additional insight into how well your team is absorbing the information. 

support learning and development with circlehd

Studies show that employees stay at a company longer when they’re given the opportunity to develop their professional skills. CircleHD makes is easy to post a lesson, assign the content to an individual or group, and track progress. Regardless of what kind of content you are sharing, it’s easily accessible from anywhere.

circlehd makes employee onboarding easier

Employee Onboarding

Onboarding is the most crucial phase of the the worker experience. If it’s not effective, or easy to understand, your new hire may just walk out the door. When you add training modules to your CircleHD account, it not only saves you time and money, but your employee will always be able to refer back to the material.

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