CircleHD - August 2019 Newsletter

At CircleHD, we are investing in innovation of workplace video. That means we thrive to enable the industry with the best use cases and workflows to power everything you do everyday. When we launched back in 2016 we had no idea how the industry will respond to our vision of empowering every employee to have the power and courage to share knowledge with the rest of the company.

We thank you for supporting us with the mission and together we can create cultures that’s been never imagined before. Let’s do it.


1. Quizzing support in playlists

Add Quizzes to your playlist to improve training quality and track quiz results.


2. Custom Search Filters and Fields

Make search powerful by using Custom fields and tags for Videos / Slides, and display relevant content with ease


3. Ability to create a playlist from search

Create playlists directly through search results by using multi-select options on thumbnails, and add it to an existing playlist or create a new playlist with a click of a button.