How To Onboard and Train Salespeople Using Sales Enablement Video

As a sales manager with over fifteen years of experience, I’ve had the privilege of onboarding and training many salespeople. Because each of these hires had a different start date, the onboarding was done one salesperson at a time.

I’d provide a one hour session on how to use our CRM system to the new hire starting in mid-August, and then I’d give the exact same session to the person starting in early September.

Not very efficient.

Today, the availability of sales onboarding platforms makes it possible to do onboarding better.

If a sales enablement solution has a video creation functionality, it is easy for a sales manager to record a sales training session that can be done once, and used by every new sales hire. It’s as simple as logging in to the sales enablement portal, selecting the browser displaying the CRM tool, and clicking the Record button.

Here’s a screenshot of how that might look:

Chrome Browser Recording Plugin

With recording engaged, now your CRM training session is becoming a video, with you narrating and taking your virtual trainees through leads, opportunities, reports, sales stages, and everything else they need to know about how to use your CRM tool effectively.

Here are some of the benefits of recording your CRM video training session:

Sales Training Accuracy and Availability

When you train someone in person, at best they take notes and remember much of what you’ve explained. But typically, several weeks later, the notes are buried among other notes, and they’ve forgotten quite a bit of the session.

With a video, all the knowledge you’ve shared is perfectly preserved, and it’s available to your salespeople 24/7, whenever they have a need to refresh their recollection.

Intelligent Organization and Advanced Search of Sales Training Content

The best sales enablement solutions allow you to divide an hour long video into Chapters. So if a salesperson just needs to review what you said about Opportunities, they can just review that Chapter, rather than trying to fast forward through the entire video.

The very best sales enablement platforms also allow salespeople to search for specific words and phrases, inside of a video. Here’s what that looks like:

Search within Videos

Salespeople Prefer Online Learning

No matter how hard I tried as a sales manager to make sessions interactive, I know they often felt like a forced lecture to my sales team. Especially today, salespeople prefer self-serve learning, choosing times that fit their busy schedules that often change at a moment’s notice.

And you can still evaluate how well your team has learned. The highest rated sales enablement portals provide feedback and rating tools, as well as reports and analytics, and even the ability to create quizzes and lessons, all of which helps managers gauge the effectiveness of video training.

Make your sales training efficient, productive, and easy. Deploy a sales enablement solution that offers video recording, and reap the benefits.

By David Cain | 08/26/2019

David has been a sales manager for SF Bay Area tech startups over the past fifteen years.

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