CircleHD Recording Studio

Click, Record, Upload! With CircleHD recording studio, users can create engaging screencasts and webcam recordings without installing any software. Rip a video conference call with screen capture and transcribe right at upload. Takes 30 seconds, not two hours of thought.


We consider security as our feature #1. CircleHD is enterprise grade cloud platform that ensures your data is encrypted and accessed securely. Enterprise Single Sign-on (SAML) works with your existing Login system securely and seamlessly, also provides out of the box support for Okta, OneLogin, Microsoft Azure Active Directory and many other providers.

Rest based API for Ingestion and integration.

Users can integrate with your applications using simple HTTP methods, JSON formats, making this an ideal API for developing LOB and mobile applications.


CircleHD provides out of box analytics. See blog on Video KPIs tracked. 

Mechanized transcriptions

If you can’t find information in an hour long video, it might as well not even exist. That’s why CircleHD has integrated mechanical transcriptions. Any word spoken is auto transcribed and searchable. Search for a term and be taken to exactly where in the video the event actually occurs. Meta data auto added and indexed. See how video transcriptions work.