Security and Governance

CircleHD ensures all customer data is encrypted and accessed securely. 

Enterprise Single Sign-on (SAML) works with your existing Login system securely and seamlessly, also provides out of the box support for Okta, OneLogin, Microsoft Azure Active Directory and many other providers.

Channel and media level permission

Control who can upload and who can access videos from individual channels. Also at granular level at the media.

IP Restriction

IP restriction settings are used to limit or give access to which IPs can access your Portal

Two factor authentication

Two Factor Authentication, is an extra layer of security that requires not only a password and username but also something that the user has on them.

User Management

User management enables admins to control user access and on-board and off-board users to your site

Permission Control

Ensuring that users have access to just the features they need.


Every change is logged and audited, to provide you a trail and peace of mind when things change.

Download control

Control which videos can be downloaded and not

SAML2 based SSO

Our new integrations with SAML providers OneLogin, Auth0, and Okta are the best way to deliver seamless, auditable, and secure identity management for all your CircleHD user

Whitelisting for Video embedding

You can control which domains are allowed to embed videos from CircleHD portal

SCIM User Provisioning

CircleHD supports SCIM protocol that reduces the cost and complexity of user management through a standardized service.


CircleHD portal is only accessible over SSL. Unsecured HTTP requests are redirected to secure URL. Starting Feb 1, 2018, only TLS 1.2 or newer encryption protocol is supported.

No IE or Flash

We only support modern browsers IE 11 and up to deliver flash free HTML5 videos. That mean we don't have to create hacks upon hacks to support anicient browsers that aren't supported by vendors