Measuring Business Impact Due To Employee Collaboration

April 19, 2018

Employee collaboration is important in any company.

Not only does it help foster a better employee culture at the company, but it can also impact the business in huge ways. Employee collaboration can help a company become even more successful and help solve problems it may be facing while bringing together employees from all different departments. And although employee collaboration is highly regarded by management as beneficial for a company, they really never measure its impact. Businesses should measure the impact of their employee collaboration to understand the value of teamwork in their workplace.

Expertise Specialization

Collaboration helps with expertise specialization, which is when employee become experts in a particular subject matter. This not only helps the employee better their skills and knowledge, but also benefits the company that they work for since they now have experts in certain things. So when you have these experts socializing with each other, they each bring their expert knowledge together to help solve complex problems for the company.

Setting Up A Team-Oriented Environment

In order to measure the impact of collaboration between employees, the company must first transform the minds of their employees from being focused on themselves to being more team-oriented. To do so, they need to find and promote any collaboration efforts that the company already has and then promote their benefits to the rest of the organization. Leaders need to show how collaboration strengthens the company using growth and reputation, financial profits and more as examples. Of course, there might be resistance, so leaders need to analyze the current employee culture that’s already in place. Then they can create more collaborative practices and technologies that promote collaboration.

Collaboration Technology With CircleHD

One great technology that promotes employee collaboration is CircleHD. With useful web-based tools, users can create and share on-demand videos or interact with live demonstrations throughout the company, easily sharing each other’s specialized knowledge with other. And leadership can effectively use CircleHD to exhibit their tone and message of collaboration to staff in order to help them understand their role in the success of the overall company. From reports to data and more, staff members can easily dictate which staff members can see what, direct knowledge transfer to certain employees and so much more!