Secure Podcasting in Enterprise

September 7, 2018

The essence of competitive advantage is how quickly you can communicate a message. The ultimate goal is to spread influence and win mindshare. For all the times you cannot watch a video, there is audio.

CircleHD’s enterprise video platform auto decompiles video into the most simple form. Make audio only broadcasts or publish just audio from any video uploaded. This includes webinars, employee video, any media asset uploaded to your company TV platform.

As part of the 112 million Americans that listen to podcasts, let’s talk practical benefits now.

  1. Workout — ever start a nighttime run and try to run with an open web browser? I bet you have…once. Until your pocket or hand closes out of a video browser. That’s why we turn to podcasts for information on the fly. Now you don’t have to bounce out of a browser or butt dial an ex just as you hit your stride.
  2. Drive — CircleHD has made an app, where you can find content, hit play and stream to Bluetooth in about the same amount of time you start the car. If you get a call, it’s easy to get back into a show. No need to re-open a phone web browser doing 80 down the highway. Hit play direct from the lock screen.
  3. Clean / Home Improvement — You have mindless housework to do, this is one of the few places you can multitask. No need to connect your phone into power. Listen to a podcast of that webinar you didn’t have time to make last week.
  4. On a Plane — Slow internet is no internet. (Like what friction does to adoption of video.) Now podcasts are stored local on your device so no Internet required.

You need to the capacity to spread influence for every employee. While securely keeping everyone else out. CircleHD can future proof your employee video and podcasting communications strategy.

Learn more about how to transcribe, assign video, and playlists.