How To Have An Effective Sales Onboarding Program

April 12, 2018

If you want to set up your new hires for success within your company, you’ll definitely want to implement a “pre-hire program” that’ll feature everything they’ll need to get off and running once working with your company. When you hire someone new, you want to develop them, so that they reach their true potential, especially for a new sales team member. In order to create a successful future with them at your company, you’ll want to engage them right from the start with an onboarding process. This will set the foundation for their tenure with your company and give them a structured engagement model that will enhance productivity. Here are some tips on how to create a successful and effective sales onboarding program:

Start before their hire date

Since your pre-hire program will set the stage for the rest of the onboarding schedule, you’ll want to get them engaged with the company before they even start. You’ll want to show them your company’s value and mission and this can be done before their first start date. You can also provide them with things like a mentor, an introduction to the team, provide them access to group technologies and more. This way they are more familiar with their job even before they start!

Be structured and consistent

Meet that new hire’s expectations with consistency and structure. This can be done in a number of ways, such as giving them a welcome package, linking them with a mentor or doing icebreakers with the team so that they feel excited about working with your company. You want new hires to feel excited because they’ll be more effective at their sales goals!

Have a mentoring program

It can be daunting coming into a new sales team, which is why a formal mentoring program might be a good idea. Have them link up with a more experienced member of the sales them so that they can see what’s expected of them at the company. This will also accelerate their professional development and help get the accumulated with how things are done.

Have a sales playbook

Creating one sales playbook will provide new hires with specific knowledge on things should go, including product knowledge, selling activities and approaches. Give them a detailed understanding on how the sales process goes within your company so they can easily follow it.