About CircleHD

CircleHD’s mission is to facilitate learning and development initiatives by providing definitive solutions to democratized learning. Our company integrates on-demand exclusivity with corporate identity and branding to emphasize the importance of corporate learning, executive messaging, internal collaboration, communication, training, enablement, employee on-boarding and knowledge transfer. The emphasis on these key areas will assist employees in reaching their full potential which will significantly increase on-the-job productivity, thereby enhancing contributions to the core competencies of an organization.

Learning systems are the key to the future for increased productivity regardless of the nature and size of an Enterprise. Since September of 2015, CircleHD has been offering a wide range of Video hosting services with the latest in learning technology. Where video streaming has been a consistent problem in the past, CircleHD’s unique secure SAAS platform comes highly recommended for hosting and the streaming of videos with the highest quality for any Enterprise. In collaboration with internal communication, eLearning and accelerated workforce performance and productivity, CircleHD offers viable solutions to any business needs, it helps Enterprises increase revenue potential by promoting policy compliance and knowledge transfer that has been found to affect retention, high turnover, and on-boarding costs.

CircleHD is trusted by Fortune 500 Companies for Employee Training, Onboarding, Knowledge transfer and Enablement.

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Internal Learning System

CircleHD empowers organizations to deliver a deeply engaging experience to their learners anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Rich Assignments

Audio, Video, Free text and Interactive questions truly help assess learner’s capabilities and potential.

Expert/Peer Coaching

Get expert feedback and peer evaluation on assignments for effective and quality learning.

Learning Paths

Create interwoven experiences using learning assets available within CircleHD or external SCORM packages.

Easy access to training data with customized reports

Monitor learner performance with simple reports at the click of a button or build your own reports, across groups of learners, learning plans, certifications, and dates with a variety of courses and user-data fields.

Customizable notifications in your LMS or delivered to your inbox

CircleHD offers configuration of notifications for various course events like user success / failure, completion and few others so learners and admins never miss a beat in their learning program.

Automate user grouping and enrollment

Automate assignments or enrollments for users meeting certain criteria around courses and learning plans, define rules accordingly.

Simple & Engaging

CircleHd provides a clean, engaging modern user interface to make learning experience frictionless and fun.

Offline Support

Learners can take trainings on any device of their choice, either online or offline using CirleHD Mobile App. Their progress is automatically tracked and synced whenever they are online.

Powerful Management Tools

CircleHD is built for organizations of all sizes, from small to large enterprises. We provide rich Admin interface with effective features, which help executives and trainers in being more effective while designing learner activities.

White-labeling and Customization

Reinforce your brand by using white-labeling customization options offered by CircleHD, to create a familiar and consistent experience for your Employees, Partners and Customers.

24×7 Service

We at CircleHD, believe in offering the best and transparent customer service with continuous improvement, to make sure you get your issue resolved at the earliest. We are always here for you!