About CircleHD

Transforming enterprises with training and enablement

CircleHD provides a SaaS on-boarding, enablement and training platform that empowers business leaders and teams to store and curate videos, podcasts, slides and documents. Companies like PayPal, Okta, Verizon use CircleHD to onboard and train sales teams and channel partners.

Our Mission

CircleHD empowers enterprises to transform teams with knowledge, communication and engagement. Which resulting in increased productivity, customer satisfaction and cost savings.


We are a small but agile team of sales, engineers, QA, dev-ops, marketing and sales spread across the globe. Our leadership and advisors are ex Microsoft. Our office is located in San Mateo, California. United States


CircleHD is bootstrapped, generating revenue and supporting our customers. If you are looking to invest in CircleHD, please contact invest@circlehd.com