Tips to Create Effective Onboarding Videos

Employee onboarding is one of the most important endeavors a company or corporation must regularly undertake. Companies that have a well-structured onboarding program have higher employee retention than those without. Furthermore, companies with effective onboarding programs have employees who are happier, more productive and more inclined to create a positive impact for the company.

While video onboarding is inherently more effective than handing out the company dossier to new employees, making them read it through the night and giving them a quiz the following morning, there are still a few key concepts that can maximize the impact of onboarding videos:

Keep Videos Concise and Focused

While the myth about the average human attention span being only 8 to 9 seconds has been debunked, onboarding videos are best utilized as short, well-organized snippets probably no more than 7 to 12 minutes long depending on the video’s subject matter. If the video is an onboarding primer, a short introduction of the company, its vision, mission and goals, and summary of best practices is enough content for a “sneak peek”. Other, more detailed information can be laid out in a separate video or series or videos, if the subject matter requires in-depth discussion.

There is a reason movie trilogies and TV series continue to be popular, and that is because effective story-telling through a series of videos (with emphasis moments or climaxes for each one) is easier as opposed to cramming too much content into one long-ass, droning feature-length film with guaranteed dead/dull moments punctuated by a few seconds’ worth of Michael Bay-levels of explosions. In the same way, onboarding videos will be more effective as a series of short, well-organized cuts that each emphasize or highlight a particular aspect of the organization and/or job position.

Highlight the Good

Speaking of highlights, one sure-fire way to get employees and “new guys” amped up is to highlight why the organization/company is good in the first place. Does the organization pride itself as an innovator? As a place of continuous, life-long learning? Maybe the organization is a bastion of social justice or work-life balance? Emphasizing the organization’s excellence is not only a morale-booster in the general sense; it also affirms in the minds and hearts of employees and staff the reason that they signed up – and it’s not just for the pay. Most employees and staff nowadays are also looking for affirmation of their personal beliefs and advocacies, and making them see that the organization is very much in the same boat – not just in words but in deeds, as well –  will make everyone want to make everyone else better.

Areas for Improvement = Opportunity

No organization or company is perfect. Employees and staff who work with the organization on a daily basis know all the flaws and glitches intimately. By presenting those flaws and glitches as potential areas for maximum contribution from staff and employees, an onboarding video (or videos) can be so much more than an “introduction to so-and-so”; it can also be a call for staff and employees to push themselves and figure out how to do more for the organization by contributing their skills to make the organization better. Few things appeal to people as much as hearing someone else say “I need you in my life right now”, and the organization’s senior executive telling his staff that “the organization is great, but we need YOU to make it excellent” certainly has a very nice ring to it.

Use Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Subject matter experts (SMEs) are just like celebrities, rock stars and hall-of-fame athletes. They can boost the value and appeal of the organization to new staff and employees. Utilizing them in onboarding videos not only introduces them early to the young guns and rookies as the “go-to” personalities of the organization; they also give the young, optimistic aspirants people to look up to, model and emulate. And while SMEs are very busy people and may not have time to sign a fan’s emotional autograph, being able to see them, even in recorded form, can be a considerable boon to the morale of the star-struck admirer.

Centralize Onboarding Video Resources

A centralized platform, like CircleHD, enables content creators, corporate executives and managers to make all their onboarding video solutions readily available and accessible in an organized manner, within a secure digital environment.

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