Enterprise Video Platform for Manufacturing

One good video can replace countless stacks of dusty process binders. The CircleHD Collaborative Video Platform can manage video from many sources and enables employees to see what they need to know. Manufacturing can use video documentation of processes to bridge language and literacy barriers, to improve quality and compliance, and to promote know-how transfer and reduce manufacturing costs.

Continuously Train your team

Supplement marketing material and sales training with an integrated, on-demand video library of sales meetings, training sessions, video blogs, messages from management and peers, and other content – all available on any device

Share knowledge

A centralized platform, like CircleHD, enables content creators, corporate executives and managers to make all their video solutions readily available and accessible in an organized manner, within a secure digital environment. This means that all your role-playing videos can just be one click away anytime and from almost anywhere.


Reinforce corporate messaging, compliance initiatives, business objectives and training programs with engaging videos, in the user’s own language.

Our industry solutions, developed together with customers, solve the real industry-specific challenges that customers face. Based upon the CircleHD Collaborative Video Platform, our industry solutions combine the expertise of our partners and experience of our customers to deliver powerful video solutions to the most challenging industry processes. Implementation templates, best practices, workflows, branding and localization are just some of the components of our industry solutions.

What Customers Say About Us

Before we had CircleHD, employees in different business units were uploading their videos wherever. Other soltutions weren't providing very good end user exprience. Since we have CircleHD we are able to share great video content and more than that we can provide secure, mobile and enterprise class experiece our global mobile employees have come to expect.

‐ Jody Wilkins, SAP Concur

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