Enterprise Video Platform

Capture, Share, and Manage Know-How Throughout the organization with CircleHD's Collaborative Video Platform

CircleHD is a SAAS Cloud Hosted AWS solution deployed in multiple availability zones to provide 99.99% SLA.
Its your own private Youtube-like portal with full control over Users and Content.

Make a Channel

Users can organize their Videos by creating public or private channels.


Create and share playlists internally and externally with a simple easy to use interface.

Highly Optimized Cloud Upload and streaming

Users can drag and drop Video, Slides or PDF from a PC, Tablet or Smart Phone. CircleHD optimizes videos for the best experience across devices and delivers from a server closest to you for best performance.

Mobile ready and offline support (iOS and Android)

CircleHD provides iOS and Android apps for users on the go, and also allows them to download the content to view them offline in no-internet zones.

Third Party Integration

Securely Embed videos into existing systems – Slack, SharePoint, Wikis and LMS systems.


CircleHD provides out of box analytics.

Smart Search

With Advanced tagging, Search and Discovery features, users can quickly find the right video content.

CircleHD Recording Studio

Click, Record, Upload! With CircleHD recording studio, users can create engaging screencasts and webcam recordings without installing any software.


Users can view Leaderboard to surface active users along with their submission reports.

Rest based API for Ingestion and integration.

Users can integrate with your applications using simple HTTP methods, JSON formats, making this an ideal API for developing LOB and mobile applications.

Security and Governance

CircleHD also ensures all customer data is encrypted and accessed securely. Enterprise Single Sign-on (SAML) works with your existing Login system securely and seamlessly, also provides out of the box support for Okta, OneLogin, Microsoft Azure Active Directory and many other providers.

Customer Support

CircleHD strives to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing 24 x 7 monitoring, support, and quick response to incidents.

Video Ratings and Reviews

Users can rate and post comments for a Video.

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