Events and Live Streaming

Your company can conduct company-wide meetings online that strengthens leadership and management initiatives.

Keep your employees up-to-date on new policies, procedures, or regulatory changes that help employees progress in the workplace.

Employers may also record and upload meetings or create webinars with CircleHD’s Channel function that allows employees to engage or save for future reference.

Employees can use slides or notes from live streams to develop videos for marketing purposes. Eight out of ten CEOs purchase from sales reps who introduce a product or service with a video.

With audio and chat availability, you can schedule online webcasts, market your products, or engage with prospective clients in real time.

Without having to reserve conference rooms or hire logistic teams, you can gather experts from around the world and give presentations to large audiences worry-free.

Learning via a live stream also offers a variety of opportunities for employees to interact and learn in real time as well as revisit the material when they want to brush up on skills.

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