Microsoft Stream vs CircleHD

Stream is general purpose SharePoint like video sharing platform from Microsoft, after Office 365 videos was abandoned.

CircleHD is video platform solely designed for enterprise learning needs, it fills all the gaps where stream falls short as an enterprise learning platform. The enhanced areas covered by CircleHD over Stream are;

  • Support for Playlists.
  • External Secured Sharing
  • Support for popular video formats
  • Support for presentations, slides, PDFs
  • Custom meta data for each media
  • Third party integration with Slack and other social tools
  • Developer API
  • Rich Analytics and Reporting
  • Support for creating custom Courses, Micro lessons, Certifications.

Our customers have preferred CircleHD for its Rich Userfriendly UX and Fast Performance capabilities.

Please contact CircleHD Sales or Request a Free Demo to see it in action.