Why CircleHD is not on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management?

Source: geekandpoke

Gartner published a report on Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Video Content Management. That includes a list and comparison of  top 10 video management cloud providers. We often get asked whether it’s worth pursuing CircleHD since we are not on the list.

Following is our answer:

Gartner is a marketing agency, it takes time and lot of money to get into their list.

We are a startup and our priority is to build the right solution and provide great service to our customer at this moment.

I hope you would like to not get biased by marketing campaigns and get the right product for you needs. Btw, slowly but steadily many Fortune 500 companies like SAP and PayPal have become our customer after coming from the Gartner listed vendors.