Monitor learner performance with simple and helpful reports at the click of a button

By analyzing your employees portal usage, you will be able to make effective Data-driven decisions for your organizations growth. One of the compelling advantages of using CircleHD Video platform is that it provides users rich statistics and analytics around employees’ usage of Video Portal.





Clear understanding on how employees use videos helps you to improve communications and organization’s overall culture, make informed decisions about your organization's future strategies, and motivates the employees who have boosted your company’s performance.

CircleHD Video Portal Analytics Dashboard



Executives can view patterns by viewing growth report that provides valuable timeline information around organization's usage on Portal.

CircleHD Video Portal Growth Report


CircleHD platform enables Managers and Executives to make calculated decisions for continuous improvement of their organization. Analytics access can be secured to the top management or executives as needed. To view CircleHD Analytics dashboard is extremely simple, you can follow steps by clicking here.