The Value Of Informal Training In An Enterprise

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Training is an important need for all employees working for any enterprise. New hires need to be trained on their new job. Ongoing training is required for current employees to allows them to continuously learn new things that will benefit the company and their assigned tasks. While 25% of all learning and training stems from professional training courses that the company sends employees to, the other 75% comes from informal training that’s happening between colleagues.

However, informal training isn’t usually though much of since it happens under the radar of executives and is something that’s done on a regular basis each workday. These employees are seeking out new knowledge and have a passion for enhancing their skills, which is why it’s so important.

Yet there is much value in informal training in an enterprise and here are a few of its benefits:

1. More focused learning

Since informal learning stems from employees actively seeking out new knowledge, the learning is more focused on specific tasks that are related to their job skills. They are trying to enhance their knowledge of their position so that they can be more successful at their job. This benefits an enterprise by having more skilled employees who are efficient and proficient at their jobs.

2. It’s more fun

Formal learning can something be boring. When it’s forced upon employees, they are less willing to learn and find it a waste of time. However, informal learning is totally the opposite since they are the ones seeking new knowledge. There are no lesson plans, schedules to follow, tests to take or any of the downfalls of formal learning situations, which allows informal learning to be more fun. It happens at the pace the employee wants to learn and is totally based on their own interests, allowing them to take enjoyment in learning new things.

3. More collaboration

An enterprise always strives for more teamwork among its employees and that’s exactly what happens with informal training. As employees learn from each other, they are collaborating and building strong teamwork skills that only benefit the enterprise in the long run.

So even though your enterprise might offer formal training for your employees, don’t forget about fostering an environment of informal training so that employees can learn from one another and continue to strive to be better at their jobs! CircleHD offers a Video platform that can be effectively used for Informal training, please contact us for more details.

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