Adoption of Employee Video

November 29, 2018

We believe the opportunity for employee video is transformation of knowledge into company wealth.

I have compiled a list of resources to amass the best examples of employees moving the needle with self-broadcast in video. I included competitors who have taken the market far. But to grow adoption beyond 10% of top-performers, a new-faster video experience is required to replace legacy road blocks.

These are best practices to operationalize video into learning, share peer to peer, and spread knowledge to grow capacity of each individual.

  • Cambridge Engineering & CircleHD: I believe the epicenter for employee generated video is in Chesterfield, Missouri. Marc Braun is a primary lead in a consortium of 500 companies, hacking culture with video. As President of Cambridge Engineering, Marc doubled revenue, and tripled operating profit in an industry with a CAGR of just 6.62%. Marc’s employees are told, if you see a problem or waste, you have the job autonomy to fix it. Just shoot a 1-min before / after video, and it’s played next morning at the all-hands meeting. I have learned video takes courage to make. There is mastery in self-broadcast. And when video is given a purpose, the gift is people that outgrow the company. This video interview was released to LinkedIn, where it got 7,600 views, and 69 likes.

  • Dell: Video lets employees bypass the organizational chart and connect with colleagues in other silos in the pursuit of better customer experiences. Dell uses sonic Foundry’s Mediasite to connect its salespeople with subject-matter experts. “there are a lot of salespeople at Dell, but there are only a few ph.D.s in big data or machine learning,” said lawrence Grafton, solutions product manager at Dell. “those ph.D.s can post an explainer video so that sales can better understand the topic. Enterprise Video’s Future Aligns With Customer Obsession.


  • Moffitt Cancer Center: uses an enterprise video platform to deliver content externally. The Moffitt cancer center uses its enterprise platform from vBrick to deliver video externally to patients. “We use it internally but also use a guest portal for external use,” said John Maass. He added that a doctor could curate or record videos to help patients understand their specific prognosis, “rather than go out to WebMD and get scared.” Enterprise Video’s Future Aligns With Customer Obsession


  • Video for Sales Training: ‘In fact, a peer-to-peer instruction is one of the main pillars of modern learning programs and the majority of reps prefer peer knowledge sharing over corporate or manager-generated content. Our survey of sales reps and their managers found the majority (65 percent) of sales representatives agree that sales pitch advice from peers is more effective than training from the corporation and that top performing sales organizations are 76 percent more likely to utilize peer-generated video content for training than other firms. Improving Sales Coaching and Training with Modern Learning Techniques




  • Video in HR: “Employees want that guidance in an easy-to-access format to help them translate a complex topic in a way that will lead them to the right decision. Advanced HR teams have picked up on this, making video their medium of choice and incorporating into their open enrollment communications strategy.” Benefit Focus Blog 2017


CircleHD is the first cloud-native enterprise video platform for employees and teams of any size. For more information contact sales.