How MOOC Benefits Enterprises

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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) has revolutionized online learning by allowing unlimited number of students full access to course content on demand, regardless of their background and location. A MOOC is an interactive platform that encourages collaboration and connectivity among the participants in the course, letting the students learn from each other. Universities have taken advantage of this technology in providing options for continued education to existing students as well as alumni. MOOCs have also been proven useful in the corporate setting where they are used in conducting employee training and orientations.

How do MOOCs benefit enterprises? Why should you consider them in your own organization?

  • They enhance employee skills and knowledge

Having open access to courses beyond those that are required encourages employees to sign up to topics that spark their interest and sets no limit to their desire to advance their capacities. They can easily fit taking the courses into their work schedule because they have full access wherever they are, 24/7. Through the course analytics, your company will be able to track employees’ performance based on the courses they’ve completed.

  • They save your organization money and other resources

You won’t have to spend for printed training materials, instructor fees, and venue reservation that are usual expenses for a traditional face-to-face training. Once the system is in place, courses can be offered to as many employees as you want without paying any additional fee.

  • They bring employees from different levels and areas of the organization together

MOOC platforms feature social mechanisms where employees can collaborate and interact. When personal connections are limited in the workplace, discussions and exchange of ideas over taking the same online courses can bridge existing gaps among team members.

  • They are fully customizable according to the existing needs of the enterprise

Courses can be designed to incorporate your company’s brand and messaging to make sure that employees are kept aligned with the company’s objectives. Matters that change over time like company policies and product specifications along with specific needs and issues of employees can be considered in keeping the course content up-to-date.

MOOC is an innovative solution to any enterprise’s staff training needs. We at CircleHD specialize in providing you with the best corporate learning platform that is tailor-fitted to your needs and target results. We customize course content to incorporate your company’s identity as well as various interactive platforms for collaboration. Course materials in different formats are searchable, sharable, and easily accessible in different devices while maintaining the network safe and secure.

Contact us now and schedule a demo to learn more about how MOOCs can benefit your enterprise and contribute to your company’s growth.

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