Enterprise Video KPIs

August 3, 2018 11:17 pm

Know the health of your video community. These are key performance indicators to track growth and participation of users in an internal video community. Each week you are sent key stats to track progress. The only thing that matters is use.


For video admins:

New Users — each new seat activated by login

New Uploads — new video contributions

New Views — the total number of videos viewed

Active Users — the total number of users that logged in during a defined timeframe

Leaderboard — gamified ranking of users based on likes, comments, and uploads. Gives weekly visibility to top performers.


For users:

Uploads — total uploads by user

Views — the number of video views by other users

View Time — how long your video uploads were viewed by other users. Shows community engagement and influence

Completion Rate — the percentage of video watched. Kinda shaky technology

Points — the number of points accumulated for the leaderboard.

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