How Videos Can Increase Sales Conversion And Up-sells In A Sales Funnel

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For those who’d like to increase their sales and up-sells in a sales funnel have to focus on a few things. First, there’s a landing page that features some sort of special offer to customers. When the interested is piqued, it’s all about an up-sell offer on the back end that a customer is enticed by, but still offering a downsized option just in case they change their mind, resulting in a purchase no matter what!

Sounds easy, right? However, a successful sales funnel is harder to create since there are many different options for customers these days. You want to make sure that your sales funnel is different and unique, offering customers something they can’t really get anywhere else. You want to guide a customer’s buying decision until they finally click “purchase” and complete the transaction.

So how do you increase sales and up-sells in your business’ sales funnel?

Easy… with embedded videos or massive open online courses (MOOCs). For those not familiar with MOOCs, they are free learning courses online that anyone interested can take. So if you’re trying to sell an e-course or a service that you offer, you might want to include short MOOCs to entice and intrigue potential buyers. But MOOCs aren’t the only way to increase sales or up-sells since regular embedded videos will also suffice. These can be any sorts of videos you’d like as they relate to the product or service you’re selling and should detail why potential buyers should continue on with the sales funnel. These embedded videos should be convincing and thought provoking without revealing too much. After all, you want customers to purchase your offering if they’d like to learn more about something that was discussed in your video.

CircleHD is a secure internal video platform that will help with embedded videos and MOOCs! It’s an easy solution for things like training, communication, enablement and knowledge sharing – all without having to create any additional infrastructure. Videos are an important medium these days for companies and CircleHD offers user-friendly tools for all your video needs.

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