How a bottom-up price model can be aligned to video adoption

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Make adoption our problem to solve

The legacy enterprise video platforms today show their age in speed and price model. CircleHD can earn the right to land and expand the use of video for every employee with product utility and now a new price model.

Today the fight against status quo is to pay upfront for all full-time employees. Adoption takes time. Video takes courage to make. To attract early influencers and uploaders–in addition to frictionless video flows–you need access to a company-wide viewership. The risk is paying $60 a year for users who just occasionally log in, and may never adopt.

For enterprise clients (as defined by having two thousand or more FTEthis is how CircleHD aligns price with the value received.


  1. Pay $5 per Active User a month, billed annual. (*Active User = logs in 2x month & uploads 1x a month.)
  2. Year one pay a flat 20% of your FTE base. Grow all you want, the price is fixed for the year.
  3. At renewal in year two, actual Active Users in Y1 becomes the new baseline. You pay the same $5 per user, $60 annual.


  1. Only Active Users are counted and charged
  2. Stream / store allotment of 1TB month per 1,000 users. 1TB is enough for 1,000 employees to upload a 1 minute video, every other day for a year.
  3. Track and report adoption metrics weekly

Meaning, if you have 10,000 employees, Y1 you pay $120,000 for company-wide access to every tool. Ramp adoption as you save $480,000! At renewal in the second year, if actual Active Users in Y1 is 40%, for Y2 you pay for seats for 4k FTE. (Or 20% of FTE base, whichever is greater.) Repeat each annual renewal.

Let CircleHD earn the right to land and expand with video in your enterprise. Simple video for every employee. No risk price to try it on. Contact sales today.



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