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Having engaged employees is good for a company. You may know this in general but do you know exactly how employee engagement impacts your business? For instance, did you know that disengaged employees cost their organizations $450 to $550 billion every year? Or that business units can contribute an increase of up to 10% in customer ratings and 20% in sales when they are highly engaged?

Technology can play a vital part in ensuring employee engagement. Enterprise video platforms have played a significant role fostering a stronger connection in various workplaces. Here are some ways you can use videos to get the same results:

  1. Communication

Video allows correspondence among team members in different locations. This is particularly helpful for urgent decisions that need the whole team’s consensus. And because video is more effective in delivering message compared to other media, employees will have a higher chance of retaining the information and fewer instances of misunderstandings.

  1. Feedback and Collaboration

Employees are more engaged when they have a sense that they belong. Receiving direct feedback from a superior and even from peers will send a message that your employee matters to the company and his performance contributes to its success. A video platform lets you send a feedback quickly so that the employee can make adjustments if necessary. Video can also be used for employees to collaborate and brainstorm ideas or solutions to a problem. All these translate to improved service and increased productivity across your organization.

  1. Identification

In large organizations, it can be hard to recognize specific persons especially if you haven’t had the chance to work with them directly. It can be tough and demotivating for a newbie being a generic face in a sea of executives. With a simple video introduction, a new hire will be easily identified and will be called by his name.

  1. Learning and Development

Introducing a new product or a new protocol, enhancing an existing skill, or simply informing employees what the company is about – there are countless ways how video can be utilized for employee training. With a video platform, employees learn can stop, skip, pause or rewind whenever they need to, giving them control over their learning experience.

  1. Knowledge Sharing

Employees need to be heard. Corporate communication shouldn’t just be one-way with the employees on the receiving end. A video platform can provide employees space where they can share their ideas, feedback and even document processes and other organizational matters that they care about. Having this space will give the management and insight of what’s going on with their workforce and how they can relate to them better.


Video platforms have brought friends and families closer all over the world, and it does the same within organizations. Having access to video platforms promotes better connection and collaboration among colleagues that translates to increased productivity.

With proven expertise in enterprise video platforms, CircleHD can provide you with the video solution to your employee engagement needs. From video sharing tools for learning and collaboration to gamification, our team of experts can design a system that your employees will find most useful and fun to use. Contact us now and we’ll demonstrate more ways on how video platforms can keep your employees engaged and productive.

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