Creating and Sharing Playlists effectively for Employee training

The nucleus of video activity on CircleHD is the Playlist.

We define a playlist as a group of videos streamed to a controlled, secure microsite environment. With a playlist I can make a video, post external, and personalize to any brand in less than 28 seconds.


  1. Share External or Internal. You may want to bundle videos into a playlist for an internal project team, or capture on-screen action to troubleshoot a software problem with a supplier. Share video both internal and external to your secure community.

  1. Assign. Any user (if permissions are enabled) can assign videos to another user. All you do is add videos to a playlist, assign to any individual or group, specify a completion date, and each user is sent a notification to view. More on Assign

  1. Personalize. You can brand an environment to any theme or customer. Add a logo. Insert call to action.

To get started…

▶️ Go to my content

▶️ Select the video(s) you want to share

▶️ Add to a playlist

▶️ Next, choose what utility are you after.

  • Share external
  • Post internal
  • Assign to users

If there is a use case we haven’t mentioned, please send it to