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Enable video transcription for every employee

CircleHD announces integrated and automated audio to text mechanized transcriptions. Now audio content in video can be indexed and instantly found. AI transcribes speech by combining information on language and grammar structure. Audio spoken is then transcribed into accurate searchable text. CircleHD’s API can also communicate with 3rd party search tools for federated search across company platform.

Transcription Workflow

The workflows are simple—automated. Shoot a video, upload it, and select which of 15 languages to transcribe. The rule of thumb, for every minute of video, expect a minute for our AI engine to transcribe the audio. The output text file is then presented below the video, with the data auto categorized as searchable meta information.


How search works

Search for any keyword. In the list of possibilities, not only are videos who have that specific keyword presented, but the user is taken to the exact reference point the event actually occurred.



  • An hour long video is no longer an information black hole
  • Integrate with 3d party federated search tools via API
  • Video auto tagged with meta information, obviating manual work
  • Hack the need to record, download, reformat a live webinar from Zoom, WebEx, Skype, or any such service. Just record your screen with CHD’s screen capture, check the box for transcriptions, and upload. What was once a two hour multi step process, can be automated on-the-fly in minutes. See RIP It hack

Our service does not require any setup fees or commitments. The price is based on per hour of video transcribed.

Learn more about how to assign video, playlists, and enterprise podcasting.


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