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Assign video peer-to-peer. Practice, share, or for compliance.

You want faster more collaborative tools to shorten ramp time for all learning. Any user can now assign a video playlist to other users. The result is a simple binary answer; who watched/didn’t watch the assigned video playlist. 

This is how CircleHD’s new Assign utility works:

  1. Add video(s) to a playlist
  2. Enable the playlist as a ‘Lesson’
  3. Assign to users or groups as delineated by your SSO.


  1. Find assigned lessons under Playlists — > Assigned
  2. Each time a video is watched–web or native iOS app–it is marked as viewed. So if five videos in one playlist are assigned, and the user views the first three, completion rate shown is 60%.
  3. Once the final video is viewed, the user is given a certificate
  4. Track completion rate in Stats

CircleHD compliments your existing LMS system by providing a simple bedrock framework for any employee to spread influence and train peers. For interactive video quizzing, call about our integrations.

Learn more about how to transcribe, playlists, and podcast.

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