5 Tips For Recording Quality Video Using Your Smartphone

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Who needs a video recorder these days when you have a smartphone! Videos are very popular these days on social media, which is why many are using their smartphone’s video recording capabilities to create their online videos. And the video on new smartphones aren’t mediocre, getting better and better with each new model that comes out. If you want to create quality smartphone videos, here are some useful tips that will result in great video each and every time!

1. Landscape vs Portrait

Don’t you hate it when you see those annoying two black vertical bars when watching a video online? So will your own viewers, which is why you should record your video in landscape orientation instead of portrait. Not only does it look better, but you’ll also get more of your subject in the video, so hold your phone vertically when you opt to record video on your smartphone.

2. Forget zooming in while recording

The digital zoom function that makes your subject appear closer than they are will annoy viewers and make your video look cheesy. If you want to zoom in on something without loosing its crisp video quality, just get closer to your subject! You want to make sure you get as close as you can, especially if you want tight shots on your subject.

3. The right frame

To make your video more pleasing on the eye, play around with framing your subject. Either fill the frame with them entirely or place them (or it) off to the side to see what looks more interesting.

4. Proper lighting

To get great video, you want to make sure the lighting is there. Since most smartphone cameras have smaller image lenses and sensors, they don’t have the right sort of lightening to make your videos easy on the eyes. This means you’ll want to shoot in very brightly lit places to avoid any grainy areas or shadows in your videos.

5. Steady hand

To get steady videos, body or elements in environment can be used effectively. Sitting with bent knee or on one knee, finding a sturdy support in the environment to place elbows on, keeping the recording device closer to the body makes it easier to take steady video shoots.

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