Microsoft Stream and Best-of-Breed Video Management Platforms

According to a leading access and identity management provider with visibility into thousands of corporate software deployments:

“We dug into the data and found that organizations are increasingly deploying best-of-breed apps alongside suites, and that adoption of best-of-breed is growing much faster.”

At first glance, Microsoft’s Stream offering seems attractive, especially if offered at no cost as part of a bundle with Office 365. But when looking into the ability to store, organize and share video content, it makes sense to take a closer look at what specific functionality is available.

What’s Stream missing?


This is a basic, YouTube-like functionality that is not available in Stream. Most organizations need the ability to order and sequence content for optimum training purposes, not just the ability to save it to a particular Channel.

Reports and Analytics

Sharing content is one thing, but getting data on who is actually engaging with it, and to what extent —what percentage of a training video are my users viewing? — is essential to most companies. Stream has access to likes, views and comments data, but not much else.

External Sharing

In Stream, there is no feature to securely share videos and other content with third parties like partners and customers.

Integration with Cloud Web Conferencing

Even if you use a Microsoft product for some of your webcasts, your recorded Zoom, Slack, Webex, and GoToMeeting sessions will not be auto-saved to your Stream repository.

Quiz and Test Functionality

Microsoft offers this, but not natively; you need to follow a link to their Forms product. The typical user who just wants to create a simple Quiz to pair with their training content may find this difficult.

Some of these functions may someday be added to the Microsoft Stream roadmap, and perhaps later released. Until then, it may make sense for your organization to go with a best-of-breed video management platform to complement your Office365 deployment.